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Storage and map pocket where you need it! 

  • Audio tank pouchs
  • Universal or toll tote 
  • Another storage option
  • Magnetic attachment 
  • Map pockets 
  • Extra pouches 
  • Several models to choose from 
  • Fits Electra Glide Stardard, Street, Classic, Ultra, Road King and Road Glide

Part Number
plus S&H


MTB Line


Magnetic map pocket (8" tall)




Magnetic map pocket (10" tall)




Magnetic map pocket (11" tall)

Soon to be Discontinued



MTD Line


Magnetic tank bag w/Three Compartments


Magnetic tank bag for Cell Phones


Magnetic tank bag w/extra pouch


Magnetic tank bag w/map pocket


Extra wide magnetic tank bag

(out of production)


Horizontal or vertical tank bag


3 pocket tank bag

(out of production)


MTA Line


Magnetic tank bag w/extra pouch


Magnetic tank bag w/extra pouch


MTK Line


Grand Cruise Bag


MTS Line


Ultra Cruise Bag

(out of production, discontinued)



Map Pocket w/Pouch, Wide, magnetic



Map Pocket w/Pouch, Wide, suction cups


Map Pocket w/Pouch, Long, magnetic



Map Pocket w/Pouch, Long, suction cups




smartphone pouch


Personal Electronics pouch


Audio tank pouch


Universal/toll tote tank pouch

Sometime you just need a little extra storage capacity with convenient viewing of your tour map. 

MTB Line: UV treated to avoid cracking and yellowing, powerful rare earth magnets secure to tank, tough fade resistant 1680D nylon, neoprene bottom helps protect tank and console.

MTB-1: The MTB-1 fits Harley-Davidsons and comes with a nice map pocket right where you need it. Made of fade resistant nylon with powerful rare earth magnets that secure the pocket to the tank. The neoprene bottom helps protect the paint.  The clear map window is UV treated to avoid cracking and yellowing.  Size is 11 1/4" wide by 8" tall.

MTB-2: Same as above but 11 1/2" wide by 10" tall. 

MTB-3: Same as above but 7 1/2" wide by 11" tall.

MTD Line: These magnetic tank bags are handmade of quality pliable lambskin leather allowing for scratch-free use on all metal fuel tanks. Perfect for storage of items such as cell phones, cigarettes, goggles, cameras and glasses. These articles are easily accessible to the rider when kept in our padded magnetic tank bags. Made with the strongest neodymium magnets available. Leather loops on the back provide the user a means to attach the bag to a belt for safe keeping while away from the motorcycle.

MTD-MDA: The Model MDA measures 12"x 6.5" with 3 compartments on exterior plus large zippered pocket. The zippered center pocket is perfect for cell phone measuring 4" x 6" with clear window 3"x5". Two zippered pockets on side perfect for sunglasses/ readers. Front pockets measure 1.5" deep.

MTD-CELL: Cell phone tank bag, one compartment.  6" x 4".  Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

MTD-DBA: One of our largest magnetic tank bags. It Measures 14 inches long, 7 inches from top to bottom and has 5 compartments including a Velcro see-through cell phone pocket, a Velcro pocket for smokes, a Velcro flapped center pocket measuring 5 inches square, a zippered front pocket for documents and change for tolls and a large zippered main pocket for everything else. Fits all H-D touring model, including the Ultra Classic.

MTD-GPS: Just like the MTD-1 except this one has a large see-through pocket in the center, perfect for a GPS unit or your music system. This center pocket is 5.5" sqaure with a 3" sqaure window. The bag measures 11” long by 7” from top to bottom with 3 other compartments including a large zippered main compartment, cell phone and utility pockets.

MTD-PA: Our largest MTM bag at 15 inches across by 7 inches from top to bottom. This bag has 6 separate compartments with 2 velcro pockets on the front, each with smaller zippered pockets, another zippered pocket in the large main pocket and a removable cell phone case on the front. if you don’t like our cell phone case, simply slide your case on the front loop.  Also fits the Ultra Classic.

MTD-GPSM: Large main pocket: 11" wide, 6" tall.  Contains inside zippered pocket.  Map/GPS pocket: 9" x 5".  Use it vertical on H-D touring bikes or horizontal on H-D non-touring bikes with a GPS or maps.

MTF-BC: 3 pocket bag.  Large main pocket: 8" wide, 7" tall, contains inside zippered pocket.  Front pocket: 6" wide x 5" tall.

MTA Line:

MTA-101: One of the best magnetic tank bags on the market. 10.5" x 5", 1 Full-Width Zippered Pocket, 2 Cellphone Pockets (1 partially clear), 1 Velcro Pouch, 1 Zippered Pocket on Front of Pouch, Belt Loops on Back. Made of soft leather, and is perfect for storing small personal items that are easily accessible to the rider. The Mag Pouch can be attached to the metal fuel tank, just in front of the seat. Our strong Neodymium-powered magnets will securely remain in place at safe speeds. The magnets are embedded inside leather pockets, and will not scratch the tank. When not riding, the Mag Pouch can be worn on the belt using the two loops behind the bag.

MTA-102: The Small Mag Pouch, one the best Magnetic Tank Bag available. 8.5" x 5", 1 Full-Width Zippered Pocket, 1 Cellphone Pocket (1 partially clear), 2 Zippered Pockets on Front, Belt Loops on Back.

MTK Line:

MTK-G: If you want a small, nice looking bag that holds its shape and is great for the basics, this is the one. With a windowed top pocket, multiple storage organizers and expansion capabilities, this bag has it all. And to top it off, you can mount it about anywhere – luggage rack, backrest, or atop your gas tank. Throw it over your tank and have a windowed pocket to hold your map or other viewable items.

A quick-stuff pocket and expandable bottle holder attach to the strong magnetic mounting flaps. A soft removable pad attaches to the bottom of the bag. Includes additional straps if you want it tied down. Features: Middle compartment with organizer pockets, Expandable lower compartment, 1200 Denier and semi-rigid construction for durability and shape retention-leather accents for style.  Included Items: Bag, Shoulder Strap, Soft Tank Pad, Side Pocket and Bottle Holder, Universal Mounting Straps, “Y” Strap, Rain Cover. Dim: 11” Long x 11” Wide x 4-1/2” Deep (Expands to 7-1/2” Deep).

See Review of MTK-G

MTS Line:

MTS-SC: Ultra Cruiser Expandable Magnetic Tank Bag is formed out of 600-denier with rigid foam construction that holds its shape. Features ten strong magnets to secure tank bag. Bottom center channel accommodates most dash panels. Waterproof zipper and polyurethane inner coated body panels eliminate need for rain cover.  Removable two-side waterproof map pocket on top. Top of bag has recessed space for securing MPS player, coins, etc. Instide features two pouches for sunglasses, wallet, etc. as well as two waterproof ports for earphone cable exit. Extra-long security strap up front.  11"L X 9.5"W X 6"D

  • Rigid construction holds shape and looks great even when empty
  • Raised center channel in bottom accomodates dash panels
  • All-weather features include waterproof zipper and polyurethane inner-coated body panels that eliminate the need for a rain cover
  • Bottm freatures 10 strong magnets to secure bag to steel gas tank
  • Waterproof, removable top map pocket
  • Two waterproof exit ports for earphone cables
  • Bag top includes convenient space for coins, MP3 player, etc.
  • Two interior pouches sized for sunglasses or wallets
  • Constructed of UV-, water-, and weather-resistant 600 denier
MTS-MPT: Magnetic map pocket with removable pouch has magnetic, non-scratch bottom. Velcro closure map pocket provide clear view of map, MP3 player, etc.  Twistlocks and magnets secure the zippered pouch, allowing full view of maps underneath and also quick removal when you don't need the pouch.  Audio ports makes the pouch perfect for carrying audio devices.  9" X 11"

MTS-MST: Same as above but uses suction cups and is not magnetic.

MTS-MPR: Same as MTS-MPT but size 10.75" X 11.75"

MTS-MSR: Same as above but uses suction cups and is not magnetic.

All of these tank bags will remain in position on your motorcycle at all safe operating speeds.


ATP-05: Magnetic tank bag, designed to let you conveniently access your touchscreen phone. The clear plastic front allows you to easily interact with your touchscreen phone. The padded mesh on the inside keeps your phone safe from scratches. The inside pocket can hold cards, cash, etc. Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 1".

ATP-08: The best way to bring your smart-phone, GPS or other personal electronics on your motorcycle – you can easily see the device screen and controls through the pouch’s large window. Sized to be used with modern smart phones, but can also be used with a variety of GPS units. The pouch can be oriented to match the screen format of your device. Strong magnets keep the weather resistant pouch secured to your metal fuel tank. Each magnet is shielded to prevent interference with your device’s electronics. Spacious electronics compartment (5" wide x 3.5" long x 0.75" tall) includes a removable plush pad and foam mat you can trim to custom fit your device to the pouch. The large plastic window transfers electrostatic energy so you can operate the touch screen on your device (with a bare finger or special electrostatic-transmitting gloves). Rubberized pouch back protects your bike’s paint finish while the long perimeter zipper let’s you easily stow or remove your device from the pouch. Audio plug access port accessed through adjustable zipper opening.

ATP-93: This portable music system pouch is designed for motorcycle use. The neoprene jacket offers hard-core protection for your portable music device, while the built-in magnets hold the pouch securely to the fuel tank. The clear play-through window permits touch-screen control, and the anti-skid interior allows the pouch to accommodate players of various sizes. The clamshell design makes inserting your player into the pouch quick and easy, and the double zipper allows for headphone and output cables to exit the pouch at any point on top, bottom or one side of the pouch.

Simply plug in your headphones or connect your in-dash Advanced Audio Radio with an auxiliary cable or Boom!™ Audio iPod® Interface and enjoy your music collection. Works well with many MP3 and other personal music players, but should not be used with hard-disk memory players. Window measurement: 2.25" W x 4.0" H. Fits models with steel fuel tanks or airbox covers.

TTP-61: De-clutter your pockets. This compact and convenient magnetic pouch is the ideal place to store small items. The durable neoprene jacket with zippered closure will keep your items safe for the ride. An embroidered Bar & Shield logo finishes the look. Pouch dimensions: 4" W x 5.5" H. Or use it as a toll tote to hold your electronic toll transponder. Enjoy the benefits of XM® Satellite Radio, XM NavWeather™, and XM NavTraffic® on your non-fairing equipped motorcycle. Just slip the Road Tech™ zumo XM® disc antenna into this pouch, and the strong magnets will secure it to the top of the fuel tank. The XM® Antenna is portable, and can be easily moved from the motorcycle to your car with the Road Tech™ zumo GPS Navigator.


Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 1"
ATP-05 Magnetic Pouch for Smartphones

Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 1"
ATP-05 Magnetic Pouch for Smartphones

At your fingertips!
ATP-08 Personal Electronics Magnetic Pouch

At your fingertips!
ATP-08 Personal Electronics Magnetic Pouch

Stores portable music device.
ATP-93 Audio Tank Pouch

Stores portable music device.
ATP-93 Audio Tank Pouch

MTB Line:

Map available where you need it!
MTB-1 Tank Map Holder

Map available where you need it!
MTB-2 Tank Map Holder

Map available where you need it!
MTB-3 Tank Map Holder

MTD Line:

Extra Storage!
MTD-MDA Tank Bag w/Three Compartments

5" by 3"
MTD-CELL Cell Phone Tank Bag

5" x 3"
MTD-CELL Mounted Horizontally

5" x 3"
MTD-CELL Mounted Vertically

Extra Storage!
MTD-DBA Tank Bag with Pocket

Extra Storage Options!
MTD-DBA Tank Bag on Bike

Extra Storage!
MTD-GPS Tank Bag with Map Holder

Also has cell phone inside.
MTD-GPS shown with map

Extra Storage Options!
MTD-GPS Tank Bag with Map Holder on Bike

Includes cell phone pouch!
MTD-PA Extra Wide Tank Bag

Use it with GPS or Maps
MTD-GPSM, Use it Horizontally on non-touring bikes

Electar Glide Ultra Classic
MTD-GPSM Shown Vertically on Touring Bike

MTD-GPSM shown on non-touring model

Use with GPS or Maps
MTD-GPSM, Use it Vertically

MTD-GPSM shown on bike

Magnetic leather tank bag
MTD-BC 3 Pocket Bag

3 Pocket Bag
MTD-BC shown on bike

MTA Line:

Soft Leather
MTA-101 Magnetic Tank Bag

Soft Leather
MTA-102 Magnetic Tank Bag

MTK Line:

Extra Storgae Options!
MTK-G Grand Cruise Bag on Ultra Classic

Extra Storgae Options!
MTK-G Grand Cruise Bag on Road King

Great for touring bikes!
MTK-G Tank Bag

Also includes rain cover!
MTK-G Accessory Straps

See Review of MTK-G

MTS Line:

Works well on Ultra Classic!
MTS-SC w/Raised Center Channel to Accomodate Dash Panel

MTS-SC Expandable Magnetic Tank Bag

To secure your MP3 player, coins, etc.
MTS-SC with Map Pocket Removed

Large Size
MTS-MPT Map Pocket w/Pouch

Smaller Size


TTP-61 Toll Tote Electronic Toll Transponder Pouch

4" wide x 5.5" long
TTP-61, Durable Neoprene Jacket

4" wide x 5.5" long
TTP-61 shown with antenna

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