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New Functional Glove Box Door! 

  • Hinged design adds convenience
  • Functional and attractive upgrade
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Lockability adds storage security
  • Radio replacement/alternative
  • Can by keyed to match ignition key
  • Chrome/black barrel or flat key lock
  • Quick access knob forconvenience
  • Black or chrome knob
  • Fits Standards and Police Bike
  • Very easy installation

Part Number
Price plus S&H

Glove Box Door, 2014+




Glove Box Door, 2013 & earlier



lock keyed to ignition for GD-3R or GD-3 (2 keys)

(customer to supply spare key)


Replacement Lock or Knob

$29.99 - $39.99



OEM Glove Box, 2014+



OEM Glove Box, 2013 and earlier


Glove Box Liner, 2014+


Glove Box Liner, 2013 & earlier


Side Hole Key Cover (each)


Glove Box Door Kits: Increase the functionality of your glove box -- no more worries about items falling out.

eGlideGoodies offers our Glove Box Door for the Electra Glide Standard and Police Bike platforms. Add security, weather resistance and convenience to your up-front Electra Glide Standard glove box. The hinged design allows quick and easy access to your items, without having to go back to the tour-pak when you need security for valuables. Easy installation; you do not have to remove the fairing -- installs from the front. 

To add security you can select the Chrome Barrel Lock, Black Barrel Lock or the Flat Key Lock. The barrel lock option coordinates with the motorcycle's ignition, saddlebag and tour-pak locks and can be keyed to your bike's ignition. Riders who prefer to carry a flat key in their pocket can select the Chrome Flat Key Lock option. The order default option is chrome barrel lock.

For quick access you can select our ergonomically designed Knob that provide convenience without locking capability. Easily open your glove boxes with a gloved hand and a quick turn of the knob. This option is available in Black or Chrome. You can select the orientation you prefer, either vertical or horizontal by a simple adjustment of the cam. Custom configured to order. 

Easy installation from the glove box opening. The outer fairing, inner fairing or glove box does not have to be removed for installation.

GD-3R: Fits the Project Rushmore 2019+ Electra Glide Standard and 2014+ Police bike OEM & after-market inner fairings -- or as a radio replacement. Made of a strong and light weight thin steel, the assembly matches the curved glove box opening and has a sturdy stainless steel hinge with gasketed door for water resistance. A flat black powder-coat finish matches the OEM inner fairing of the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard and Police platform.

GD-3: Made of strong but light-weight thin steel with sturdy stainless steel rigid hinge and gasketed door, it makes sure items do not fly out of your glove box. A flat black powder-coat finish matches well with the inner fairing and the rest of the motorcycle. Fits 2013 and earlier. Also optional radio replacement. 

Accessories and Options: 

GKY-D3: Your order will be keyed to match your existing ignition. Mail in your spare key using padded envelope (ATTN: MATCH KEY) along with your name. We'll match the key to your order. You'll get your spare key back along with two new keys. Consider adding the GKY-KPC Premium Key Covers. We do not have access to H-D key codes; supplying the key code will not work. eMail us at our Contact Us page to obtain the mailing address.
GB-136: If you fairing does not already have the inner glove box, this OEM part can be purchased to go with the GD-3R. Normally not needed. Special Order custom item.

GB-286: If your fairing does not already have the inner glove box, this OEM part can be purchased to go with the GD-3. Normally not needed. Special Order custom item.

GBL-4R: Glove box liner for GD-3R and OEM glove box.

GBL-3B: Glove box liner for GD-3 and OEM glove box. 

GKY-PKC: Premium plastic key cover. This is the best key far nicer than the H-D OEM.  Longer for quicker easy feel. Dimensions: 1.5" Tall x 1" Wide. Available in black or H-D orange color. Black is default.

GD-K: Replacement Lock or Knob. 


"The GB-3R is just a very cool piece of kit - super easy to install and solid!" Mike M., 2021 

"The GD-3 Glove Box Door looks great, is easy to install." Steve S.

"Great video Motorman. That Glove Box door was the first upgrade I added to my Electra Glide Standard. A little pricey, but In my opinion well worth the money, and made of metal, no plastic. I love mine, and! We don't need no stinking radios. Hahaha...later Motorman." YouTuber 

"I bought this a few months ago .... worth every penny! I use the glove box often. I am surprised that harley never offered a door..." Customer 

"I am converting a Police Bike for mixed personal use...the dash cover (GD-3R Glove Box Door), lining (GB-4R Glove Box Liner) and bike protectors (EGP-FC,RC Engine Guard Protectors) were absolutely perfect. Have been looking for things like this for a while. Saw a video from Motorman (Ride Like a Pro) that lead me to you. Very appreciative that you have captured these niche items"... Sincerely, Bradley D.


Easy installation!
Customer Installed Black Quick Access Knob Option

Easy installation!
Customer Installed Black Quick Access Knob Option

Quick Access
Black Knob Option

Quick Access
Chrome Knob Option

Easy to carry in pocket
Flat Key Option

Easy to carry in pocket
Flat Key Option w/Black Trim

Black Barrel Lock Option

Clamshell Package Option

Easy Installation!
GKY-PSH Side Hole Key Cover

GD-3R Glove Box Door Operation

2019+ Standard or 2014+ Police

Convenient Black Knob Option
Glove Box Door for 2019+ Electra Glide Standard

Secure your glove box!
Glove Box Door for 2019+ Electra Glide Standard

Easy installation!
Black Quick Access Knob Option

Shown in open position!
Glove Box Door in Open Position

Quick Access Knob in Chrome
GD-3R with Chrome Knob in Horizontal Orientation

No need to removed fairing or inner fairing for installation!
Stow your items with Confidence & Quick Access

Security for your items!
Glove Box without GD-3R Door Installed

Police Bike Installation
Police Bike w/Custom Installation

Ride-Like-a-Pro Review


Ride-Like-a-Pro's GD-3R on custom Police bike below:  

GD-3R on Police Bike


Installed on his Police Bike
Motorman likes the GD-3R w/Black Knob

Secure your glove box!
GD-3R with Chrome Barrel Lock Option

Secure your glove box!
GD-3R with Black Barrel Lock Option

Secure your glove box!
GD-3R with Flat Key Lock Option

Lock 'em UP!
GD-3R with Black Trim Flat Key Lock Option

Quick access!
GD-3R with Chrome Knob Option

Quick access!
GD-3R with Black Knob Option

Security for your items!
GB-136 Glove Box

GD-3R Installation (pdf)

GD-3R Installation

2013 and Earlier

Attractive Wrinkle Black Powder-Coat Finish
Glove Box Door for Standard

Glove Box without GD-3 Installed

Easy Operation!
GD-3 Glove Box Door

Functional and Attractive Upgrade!
GD-3 Shown Attached to GB-286 Factory Glove Box

Easy installation!
GD-3 shown with Chrome Barrel Lock Option

Easy installation!
GD-3 shown with Black Barrel Lock Option

Easy installation!
GD-3 shown with Flat Key Lock Option

Easy installation!
GD-3 shown with Chrome Knob Option

Easy installation!
GD-3 shown with Black Knob Option

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