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Restore your High Frequency Audio! 

  • Decorative Dash Trim with Tweeters   
  • Gauge version
  • 100% Paintable out of the box  
  • Includes easy drilling template
  • Plug and play wire harness
  • Electra and Road Glides
  • OEM warranty

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number
Gauge Tweeter Kit, Pair

Part Number
Electra Glide
Dash Tweeter Kit, Matte Finish



Dash Tweeter Kit, Gloss Black Finish

(No longer in Production)

Fairing Tweeter Pod, Chrome

Fairing Tweeter Pod, Black

Fairing Tweeter Pod

Part Number
Road Glide
Dash Tweeter Pod

GTK-150: Our gauge tweeters are a snap to install, literally. Between the models of bikes that don’t come with four gauges, along with the common desire to add more sound, it was about time we offered a solution. Each kit comes complete with our performance tweeters, crossovers, and necessary instructions. Other then the small amount of time for installation, nothing else is required. Kit Includes: 2 Tweeter Modules, 2 Crossovers Modules, 1 Installation Hardware Kit. Specs: 12 db/octave Crossover, 50 Watts RMS, 100 Watts Peak (Rated - 50 Watts), Sensitivity, SPL: 93dB +/-2dB / 1W @ 1M, Magnet, 28mm x 8.5mm NEO.

Key Features
  • Plug and play connections
  • Fits FLHT and FLTR style fairings '96-'10
  • 100% weather resistant
  • No drilling or cutting required

HG-0100M: Our new standard tweeter kits are exactly what your bikes audio system and your ears have been asking for. Each tweeter kit consists of two modules that fit in the two small recesses of your inner fairing under your windshield and follows the Batwing fairings natural lines perfectly. Rated at 50 watts RMS per tweeter, each module includes crossovers and a plug and play harnesses that makes installation a snap. Available in matte to match the stock fairing. Fits '96 to current. Matte finish. Specs: 12 db/octave Crossover, 50 Watts RMS, 100 Watts Peak (Rated - 50 Watts), Sensitivity, SPL: 93dB +/-2dB / 1W @ 1M, Magnet, 28mm x 8.5mm NEO.

Key Features

  •  Plug and play connections
  • 100% weather resistant
  • Precision molding offers perfect fit

Kit Includes

  • 2 – Tweeter Modules
  • 2 – Crossover Modules
  • 1 – Installation Hardware Kit
  • 1 – Installation Templates

HG-0100B: Same as above but in gloss black finish.

881: Add extra sound to your bike while accentuating your fairing at the same time! Kicker’s 1” KS25 Titanium tweeters are wrapped in sparkling chrome gives your speaker system an added Kick! The tweeters are angled to aim the sound directly at the rider, no sound is blocked by handlebars.

Note: Max recommended Amp power (peak/RMs): 300w/150w, Frequency Response: 3500Hz-20kHz (watts)

882: Same as above but in black.

HT-0172: Fairing Tweeter Pod. This NEW Speaker System helps restore all The lost Music being Trapped Behind the Stock Speaker Grill. Unlike Bass, High Frequency Has a Very Hard Time Playing Around Objects in Front of it like... Handle Bars, Master Cylinders, GPS units or What Ever. Re-Experience Your Music For The First Time. Fits MY '98 to current FLH/X Models.

HT-0200: For '98 to current Road Glides. 92 dB Efficiency and a 20 year OEM Warranty! Comes complete with 100% plug n play wire harness, Second set of cloth covered speaker grills, Optional chrome indicator bezel. Pod matches stock "Satin black" inner fairing color but can be easily painted. Just remove your stock gauge bezel, remove your stock gauges install your gauges into your new HT-0200, run the wires into your fairing and connect to your speakers, snap bezel back into place, install two screws and your are now done!

  • 100% Plug and Play
  • Looks great....sounds greater
  • Matches stock inner fairing
  • Comes apart easily for paint


Gauge Tweeter Kit

High Frequency Response
GTK-150 Gauge Tweeter Kit

2 Tweeters per kit
GTK-150 Gauge Tweeter Kit

Snap to Install
GTK-150 Gauge Tweeter Close-up

Electra Glide

Two Tweeter Modules, Matte Finish
HG-0100M Dash Tweeter Kit

2 Tweeters per Kit, Matte Finish
HG-0100M Dash Tweeter Kit Components

Gloss Black
HG-0100B Gloss Black Dash Tweeter Kit Components

881 Tweeter Dash Pods

882 Tweeter Dash Pods

Improved high frequency fidelity!
HT-0172 Fairing Tweeter Pod

Easy installation!
HT-0172 Kit Components

Road Glide

100% Plug and Play
HT-0200 Dash Tweeter Kit for Road Glide

Fits '98 to current Road Glides
HT-0200 Dash Tweeter Kit

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