Adjustable Passenger Floorboard Mounts

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More comfort options for your passenger!

  • More passenger comfort 
  • Allows passenger to move feet up or down
  • Also driver boards and brake cover
  • Also highway mounts
  • Passenger boards available

Part Number
Price plus S&H
Part Number
Price plus S&H
Adjustable Passenger Boards and Mounts

Adjustable Passenger Boards and Mounts, Rhinehart Exhaust

Adjustable Passenger Boards and Mounts

Adjustable Passenger Boards and Mounts, Rinehart Exhaust

Adjustable Passenger Mounts

Adjustable Passenger Mounts, Rinehart Exhaust

Part Number
Price plus S&H
Driver Floorboards

Brake Pedal Cover

Highway mounts, 1-1/4 inch, without pegs

Wide anti-vibration highway peg

HD-125A: For ’93 and newer FLTs, FLHTs, FLTRs, FLHS’, FLHXs, FLHRs & FLHTG. Adjusts to 12 positions through a rotating 9” range of motion in seconds by pulling the spring-loaded locking pins. Gives your passenger(s) the best possible leg support and comfort. The mounts are CNC machined from billet aluminum and all parts are triple chrome plated. Installs easily without modification to the bike. Includes Classic Steel Passenger Floorboards with anti-vibration rubber pads to ensure greater passenger comfort.

HD-125A-RE: Same as above for bikes w/Rinehart Exhaust.

HD-005A: Adjusts in seconds by pulling the spring loaded locking pins. The ultimate in passenger comfort, they greatly increase foot and leg support over the stock boards. The pads are made of anti-vibration neoprene to ensure passenger comfort. The boards and mounts are CNC machined from billet aluminum and triple chrome-plated. We have also moved the boards 2.5" forward to eliminate the commonly reported problem from passengers of their calves pressing against the saddlebag guard rail, causing discomfort. Installs easily without modification to the bike. For 1993 and newer FLTs, FLHs, FLTRs, including the 2009 models.

HD-005A-RE: Same as above for bikes w/Rinehart Exhaust.

HDP-BLA: These mounts are the same as used in all of our other Adjustable Passenger Board sets but they do not include the floorboards. They are machined to accept either the stock Harley Davidson floorboards or any direct fit accessory floorboard. They can be adjusted in seconds through a 6" range of motion by simply pulling out the spring loaded lock pins then moving the board up or down until the pin clicks into the next position. Comes with all the same features as our other adjustable floorboard sets.

HDP-BLA-RE: Same as above for bikes w/Rinehart Exhaust.

HD-024: The stock boards on your bike do the job, keeping your feet from dragging on the ground, but have you ever noticed that they look more like the gas pedal on a dump truck rather than something that belongs on your bike? Our Driver Boards, on the other hand, are 20% larger in surface area than the stock boards and will give you more room to move your feet around and reduce fatigue on long trips. The soft neoprene rubber inlays greatly reduce vibration. Their shape and angle will give your bike that highly-customized look. They are CNC machined from solid billets of aircraft aluminum, triple chrome plated, and come with all required hardware. They also have a replaceable drag-warning indicator on the bottom leading edge to prevent scraping the boards during hard cornering.

HD-025: This slip-on brake pedal cover is the finishing touch to match your new billet Driver Floorboards. Also CNC machined from billet aluminum and triple chrome plated. Driver Floorboards sold separately. (HD-024)

HD-005: Engine Guard Mounts for Harley Davidsons. CNC Machined Billet Aluminum, compatible with or without lowers. These all-aluminum highway mounts are CNC machined from aircraft-quality billet aluminum. This structural design makes the mounts strong enough that you can stand on the mounts and they will not slip! The 6" long arms have a full 360° range of motion to accommodate any leg length. This means 56 possible adjustments! The arms lock into the selected position with an internal locking pin. The mounts can be used with below pegs or any other peg having up to a 3/8" mounting bolt. The set is triple chrome plated, comes with all stainless steel hardware, and detailed mounting instructions. Pegs sold separately.

PEGSW: Machined from billet aluminum, triple chrome plated. Flat on top to match the bottom of your shoe, adding maximum comfort and support with a custom look. Soft neoprene rubber inlays absorb vibration to reduce fatigue in your legs. Also has an adjusting setscrew to keep the pegs at your desired position. Comes with 3/8" bolts and can be used with above highway mounts.


MY '93 to current
HD-125A Adjustable Passenger Mounts

MY '93 to current
HD-125A Adjustable Passenger Mounts

Passenger Comfort!
Adjustable Passenger Boards and Mounts

Mount and Board Kit
Adjustable Passenger Boards and Mounts

Mount Kit Only
Ajustable Passenger Mounts

Matches Adjustable Passenger Boards
Matching Driver Floorboards

Matches Set
Brake Pedal Cover

Driver Comfort
Highway Mounts

Driver Comfort!
Engine Guard Mounts

Flatfoot Pegs
Matching Engine Guard Pegs

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