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Less complicated & easy to install! 


  • GoPro camera kits
  • Best video/photos possible
  • 6" or Deluxe
  • Slim simple rod design
  • 360 degrees rotation w/two ultra swivels
  • Huge range of positioning & angle-ability
  • Controls, handlebar or windshield options

Part Number
plus S&H
Part Number
Siver edition GoPro Camera Kit

Black edition GoPro Camera Kit

GoPro Camera Remote

Remote Accessory Kit

Part Number
Camera Fairing Mount, Electra Glide

Camera Fairing Mount, Road Glide

Camera mount, shorty


Camera mount, black, controls mount, 4.9 inches

Camera mount, black, controls mount, 6.2 inches

Camera mount, chrome, controls mount, 4.9 inches

Camera mount, chrome, controls mount, 6.2 inch

Camera mount, chrome, handle bar mount, 4.9 inch

Handlebar Size:

Camera mount, chrome, handle bar mount, 6.2 inch

Handlebar Size:

Camera mount, windshield

Camera mount, windshield, deluxe


GoPro camera mount, left side


GoPro camera mount, right side


GoPro camera mount for Project Rushmore, left


GoPro camera mount Project Rushmore, right


New Features:

  • 15% smaller & lighter housing (waterproof to 131 ft)
  • 2x faster image processor enables 1080p60 & 720;120 fps video
  • Enhanced low-light performance, beautiful results
  • Improved image sharpness & reduced distortion
  • Faster built-in Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity to remote
  • Wireless camera software updates via GoPro App
  • 30% longer battery life
  • Upgraded audio performance

Key Benefits:

  • Mount to bike to capture footage of your rides/experience
  • Professional-quality HD video up to 1080p60
  • 10MP photos at up to 10 frames per second
  • Built-in Wi-Fi supports Wi-Fi remote (sold separately)
  • Content preview, playback and sharing via App
  • Compatible with eG mounts

Key Specs:

  • Professional 1080p60, 960p60, 720p120 fps video
  • 10MP photos at up to 10 frames per second
  • Enhanced low-light performance
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Ultra wide angle glass lens
  • Wi-Fi remote sold separately + GoPro App compatible
  • Mono microphone
  • Waterproof housing for any riding conditions


Similar to the above kit with the following embellishments:

  • 20% smaller
  • SuperView video mode captures world's most immersive wide angles
  • Auto Low Light mode for stunning low light performance
  • Faster built-in Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity
  • Professional quality HD video up to 4K
  • 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second
  • Advanced capture settings: Looping video, Continuous Photo, White balance & Protune mode
  • Professional 4Kp15, 2.7Kp30, 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100, 720p120 fps video

GOPRO-05: Control our GoPro remotely Access all your GoPro settings, power and start/stop. LCD scree mirrors camera's LCD status screen. Attachment strap, key ring and charging cable included.

GOPRO-06: Includes a wrist strap, lanyard, two keys and key rings, Wi-Fi Remote mount, Curved Adhesive Mount, Flat Adhesive Mount and more.


C3D-CFM: Mount your WASPcam and GoPro® cameras almost anywhere on your bike. Fits anywhere there's a 1/4" hole. Ball stud has 1/4-20 thread pitch. Common usage is the center bolt on your fairing or windshield.

  • Works with our C3D-BM Ball Mount.
  • Stud mount fits anywhere there is a 1/4" hole.
  • 1/4-20 threaded studs and mounting hardware included.
  • Holds your camera secure while still allowing great adjustment.
  • Fits WASPcam and GoPro® cameras

C3D-CRM: Mount your WASPcam or GoPro® on your Road Glide fairing. '15-up Harley-Davidson Road Glide or other universal options.

  • Holds your camera secure while still allowing great adjustment.
  • Fits WASPcam and GoPro® cameras.
  • This mount can also create an easy offset ball mount on almost any flat surface.

LD Models: The all-new DeluxeCAM Motorcycle Camera Mount was designed to give you the BEST video and/or photos possible from a moving motorcycle!

The DeluxeCAM motorcycle camera holder features a base bracket with Ultra-Security and anti-vibration features, and a rod so slim you'll hardly notice it's there. 360-degree rotation and TWO ultra-swivels (top and bottom) give you a huge range of positioning and angle-ability.
  • Ultra-swivel provides a multitude of mounting options
  • Accommodates the standard ¼-20 stud (if your camera can be put on a tripod, it can be mounted on the DeluxeCAM)
  • 360-degree movement at the tip (with a simple tightening mechanism)
  • Easy to install and remove (no special tools necessary)
  • All parts are stainless steel and machined aluminum (chrome plated)
  • Ultra-Security feature ensures camera will never fall off
  • Minimizes vibration

Have it Your Way: Two Options

 The Original DeluxeCAM (Left) features two swivel points (top and bottom). Heights are shorty, 4.9 inches or 6.2 inches.

 NEW! DeluxeCAM PLUS (Right) features our NEW, longer rod (8 inches) that also incorporates an additional 360-degree swivel point!

 FITS: This kit easily mounts to all Harley-Davidson handlebar switch housing/controls. It can be mounted on either RIGHT or LEFT side.

GOP-C1-L: Allows you to mount a GoPro camera to the left windshield bolt on 1996 to 2013 Harley Davidson bikes with Batwing Fairings, left side. The one mount allows you to position the camera in the forward position, the reverse position and the tilted back position. All the end user needs to do, is mount the 2 way swivel (that they have with their GoPro Camera) to my powdercoated mount. The GoPro Camera then mount to the 2 way swivel. Fits up through MY 2013. Swivel not included.

GOP-C1-R: Similar to above but for right side.

GOP-C2R-L: This mount allows you to mount your GoPro camera to your 2014 and later Harley Davidson batwing fairing in seconds, left side. Mount must be used with windshield trim for added support. Simply remove the left side windshield bolt, and install the bracket on the under side of your windshield trim. Rubber pad on the back of this mount protect the fairing from scratches. This listing includes 1 aluminum black powdercoated mounting bracket, 1 mounting bolt, and bolt with locking nut to mount your 2 way swivel, and 2 o-rings. The thumb screw, and 2 way swivel are not included d in this listing, as you will have these items with your GoPro camera. The windshield trim in photo is not included...see our Windshield Trim. Forward mounting of camera. Reverse mounting of camera. Tilt back design allows the camera to be tilted back so the main screen can be seen from the riding position. This allows you to change the mode setting, and see weather or not the camera is on or off, filming video or not filming. (If your familiar with the GoPro camera, you know that the little red indicator lights are sometimes difficult to see in the sunlight). Also in the tilted back position, the camera lense will be protected from bug splats. Made in USA. Swivel not included.

GOP-C2R-R: Similar to above but for right side.

Note: Always ensure that installation of the electronic device will not interfere with handlebar movement.

Camera Kits:

Keep memories of your ride!
GoPro Camera Kits

Control GoPro Camera from Handlebar
GOPRO-05 Handlebar Remote

Curved Adhesive Mount and more
GOPRO-06 Remote Accessory Kit


Easy Installation!
C3D-CFM Camera Fairing Mount

Easy Installation!
C3D-CFM Camera Fairing Mount

Easy Installation!
C3D-CRM Camera Fairing Mount for Road Glide

Easy Installation!
C3D-CRM Camera Fairing Mount for Road Glide

Windshield Trim Not Included!
GOP-C2R-L Go Pro Mount for Project Rushmore

Fits 2014 to current
GOP-C2R-L Go Pro Mount for Project Rushmore

Fits 2014 to current
GOP-C2R-L Go Pro Mount for Project Rushmore

Windshield Trim not Included

Multiple positions!
GOP-C1-L Camera Mount

Multiple positions!
GOP-C1-L Camera Mount

Multiple positions!
GOP-C1 Camera Mount

Multiple positions!
GOP-C1 Camera Mount

LD-CAM-STY Controls Mount

Controls Mount in Black
LD-CAM-HDB w/Go Pro, 4.9 Inch

Easy installation!
LD-CAM-HDB Black Camera Mount for H-D Controls

Easy installation!
Camera Mounts

Show Chrome!
LD-CAM-CH Handlebar Mount

Easy installation!
LD-CAM-WS Windshield Camera Mount

Easy installation!
Ultra Swivel

Easy installation!
Deluxe Camera Mounts

Easy installation!
Ultra Secure Feature

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